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Increasing Completion Rate and Benefit of Surgical Safety Checklists with Smart Glasses

This research intends to demonstrate the potential of smart glasses to support surgeons in their checklist executions through mainly two contributions. Firstly, although we are still treating the data, there is evidence that smart glasses provide a better support to execute checklists compared to traditional posters. This is possible via the display of the checklist elements directly in surgeon's’ field of view. Validation of the execution of elements ensure that all elements are considered. In addition, each checklist execution is documented, which allows surgeons to review his or her checklist executions and can also be used in case of complications or deaths. Interviews with eight surgeons show very good feedback related to: a) easiness to read checklist elements, easiness to follow checklist elements and easiness to navigate within checklist elements. Secondly, we were able to develop checklists that adapt their content based on surgical procedures with the aim to bring more value out of checklists. Usually, the same checklist is used regardless the surgery (e.g., open, laparoscopic) whereas the elements to verify are different. This limitation is due to the use of a static format (i.e., paper) that would make the use of context-specific elements very difficult to implement. With digital mediums such as smart glasses, opportunities to change content is unlimited. Over 30 surgical cases, surgeons using context-specific checklists positively valued checklists and qualified them as “strongly beneficial” compared to the traditional and unique paper-based checklist.

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