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The Relationship Between Intraoperative Stress and Surgical Performance

Acute stress has been shown to have detrimental effects on functions vital to optimal surgical performance such as decision-making, team performance, and simulated laparoscopic surgical performance. As such, we are seeking to advance this research in surgery by unobtrusively measuring acute stress in the OR during surgical procedures with the use of wearable technology that captures the necessary physiological metrics. The relationship between these stress levels and technical surgical skills (assessed with two objective standards, OSATS and GERT) throughout the operative procedures will then be analyzed for any revealing trends. Additionally, intraoperative distractions, as defined by the Disruptions in Surgery Index [DiSI], are also noted for the purposes of 1) observing the potential relationship they may have on both acute stress of surgeons and surgical technical skills, and 2) as a way to control for confounding variables on stress levels when assessing the relationship between stress and technical surgical skills.

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