Del Puerto

Dr. Del Puerto is a physician in the Bay Area. His areas of interest are improving access to healthcare to underserved populations using new technologies and innovative models of healthcare delivery. He believes telemedicine can deliver medical services remotely for areas that otherwise would lack access. These new technologies can enhance the patient- physician relationship in areas of communication, data gathering and patient education.

Dr. Del Puerto experience focuses on the Hispanic population and the illnesses that this demographic group faces. As a rapidly growing population that is faced with numerous barriers to obtain medical care, new technologies can be the solution when faced with increasing number of patients being diagnosed with chronic conditions at a younger age than previous generations. These new technologies include improving the array of wearables to enhance biometric data acquisition and developing better telemedicine avenues to allow physicians and other providers to reach these underserved areas. Finally, with the traditional healthcare delivery models in a constant state of uncertainty, new models of delivering healthcare, such as Direct Primary Care can create patient centered healthcare networks that provide affordable care without sacrificing quality.

Dr. Del Puerto has a background in Biomedical engineering, surgery and family medicine. He enjoys spending time with his family, playing tennis, golf and running with his two german shepherds.

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